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Math 3AB, 4AB, 6AB, 34AB Christian, Spencer Math 3AB, 4AB, 6AB, 34AB; Phys 6A, 6C * DENOTES P/STAT TUTOR Schedule is Subject to Change..

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Cutting to the chase What do you need to get accepted to

Take Math 3AB, 4AB, and probably 6AB. (Do not substitute Math 34.) To be competitive at any of the top 30 or so schools, you need Math 117..

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math 3ab math 180(or 180h)& 185(or 185h)* math 3c math 285(or 285h) math 5a math 285(or 285h) math 8 math 230 phys 1 or phys 185 or phys 6a phys 130 or 120.

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*MATH 182H is also equivalent to MATH 3AB. (1/12:A10-11) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES (Paleobiology) UCSB OCC MATH 3AB or MATH 180(or 180H) & 185(or 185H)*.

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