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Gerald F. Davis Michigan Ross University of Michigan

Gerald F. Davis 2005. “Firms environments.” In Neil J. Smelser and Richard Swedberg (eds.) Handbook of Economic. Sociology 2nd edition: 478 502..

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Neil J. Smelser Richard Swedberg "Introducing Economic Sociology" in The Sociology second edition edited by Neil Smelser and Richard Swedberg. ... Foundation and Princeton: Princeton University Press 2005 pp.3 25. ... "Culture and Economy" in The Handbook of Economic Sociology edited by Neil Smelser..

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accounts: a newsletter of economic sociology Information American

Official publication of the Economic Sociology Section of the American Sociological . 2005 Zelizer Distinguished Scholarship Award for an outsting published article in .... the Handbook of Economic Sociology 2nd ed edited by Neil J. Smelser .... Prize Committee consisted of the following persons: Richard Swedberg ....

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